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Kodiak Australian Cobberdogs

Welcome to Kodiak Australian Cobberdogs

Kodiak Australian Cobberdogs is a small breeder of the Australian Cobberdog located in Indiana. We breed large miniatures to medium-sized Cobberdogs. Our root stock has been imported from Australia. We strive to breed exceptional Australian Cobberdogs, just as the breed's founders would in Australia. Our breeding stock has been DNA-genetic tested to insure our litters are healthy and free from disease.

Because we are a small breeder, we are able to keep our Cobberdogs in our home and treat them as part of our family, so neither our dogs nor our litters are kept in kennels. In addition, we are certified, professional dog trainers. So we understand behavior, temperament and what dog owners are looking for. This is one reason why we chose this breed, for their ability to learn quickly, train well and easily adjust to their new homes. They are gentle, social, entertaining and extremely intelligent. They are the perfect family pet, and are an excellent fit for any dog owners, including elderly.

Kodiak Australian Cobberdogs is a registered breeder #12194 with the Master Dog Breeders Association (MDBA), so all of our puppies are officially recognized as pure-bred Australian Cobberdogs. The Australian Cobberdog is not a new name for the Australian Labradoodle; however, they come from the root stock of the authentic Australian Labradoodle, and were further developed, by carefully selected infusions, for very specific reasons.

The Australian Cobberdog was specifically bred to be most suited for service and therapy dog work. Therefore, they have an amazing temperament. They have a deep, intuitive eye contact with humans and they quickly develop a strong bond with their people.

Australian Cobberdogs are an "allergy-friendly" breed. They have a soft, wavy fleece that feels almost like silk. Australian Cobberdogs lose hair much like a human loses hair, so they are considered low to non-shedding.

Contact us today with any questions, or to begin the process of adding an Australian Cobberdog to your family.

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